Submit micro-credential application for review

You may apply for and submit your micro-credential application in one session or you may begin your application and then complete and submit it later by returning to the micro-credential from the navigation bar.

  1. When you've uploaded all of your evidence, click Submit For Review at the bottom of the application screen.
  2. A student privacy statement displays. Click Agree and Submit if your materials meet the privacy standards. If you have any concerns, you may click Cancel and return to your evidence to make changes.

A confirmation page displays when your submission is complete. You may copy the micro-credential link that displays above Submitted Evidence to return to your micro-credential. Alternately, you can click Micro-credentials on the navigation bar to view all of your micro-credentials and their statuses.

Note: Please be sure all of your evidence is uploaded before you submit. Submissions cannot be undone.

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