Filter, search and sort the application queue

Use the filter, search and sort options in the application queue to find the micro-credentials you need to work on.

Application queue defaults

The application queue is organized by application assigned status. Applications display in the following order for assessors:

  • Your assignments 
  • Unassigned
  • Assigned to other assessors

Applications display in the following order for grantors:

  • Unassigned
  • In Progress (assigned and in review)

Within each grouping, applications are sorted by submission date.

Note: To view Granted and Denied applications, click Show All Completed.


Filter options

Use the Show Submissions filter on the top right to filter all applications, including granted and denied.  

  1. Click the arrow to open the menu.
  2. Choose a category to filter by.
  3. To display all submissions again, choose All Submissions.

The filters apply automatically.


Search options

Use the search field to search all applications, including granted and denied. 

  1. In the Search menu, first choose a search criterion (micro-credential name, submission ID or assessor name).
  2. In the Search field to the left, enter part or all of a micro-credential name or the submission ID. 
    An assessor name search generates a menu of assessors. Choose the assessor from the menu. 
  3. Press Enter.
  4. To display all applications again, clear the search term from the field and then press Enter.
    To clear an assessor name search, click the red x in the search field.


Sort by date

  1. Click the Date header to sort all submitted applications by submission date (most recent first). 
  2. Click the Date header again to sort in ascending order (oldest first).
  3. To restore the default sort order, click your browser refresh button.




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