BloomBoard site navigation

Educators can access their micro-credentials and saved items directly from the navigation bar across the top of every page on the site

Additionally, members of organizations using premium features can access their programs and rooms directly from the navigation bar.


Navigation bar



Navigation bar elements


Goes to your home page.

So does clicking BloomBoard!

Use Explore to browse topics or micro-credentials.

Enter a search term to find collections and micro-credentials to support your professional development.

Use the menu options to:

  • switch to admin tools, including micro-credential review tools
  • open your profile and account settings
  • logout

Everything else can be accessed by clicking the items you see here in this table.

One click opens all of your programs and rooms (for members of organizations using premium features).

Who uses programs and rooms? Members of organizations using premium features access their programs and rooms in this section.

View all of your micro-credentials: saved, started, pending review, and awarded/denied.

If you have not saved or started any micro-credentials, you will see a link to browse for micro-credentials that support your goals.

Find all of your saved resources, collections and micro-credentials, and if you've created any collections, you'll find them here, too.

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