Create a closed room (Premium)

People whose organizations are using premium features may create and manage rooms in any program in which they are a member. Rooms are collaborative spaces for groups of people, such as: teachers within a PLC; teacher mentors and mentees; or other groupings who share an educational or teaching practice goal.

By default, rooms created by members who are not Program Admins are closed - restricted to invited members. Any room member can invite other org members to the room.

  1. Open the program in which you wish to create a room. You can access your programs Programs & Rooms on the navigation bar.
  2. Click Create New in the upper right.
  3. Click the Room button.
  4. In the Set room details tab, enter a name for the room.
  5. Choose one or more topics from the Topics field, if desired.
  6. Click Next in the lower right corner to continue.
  7. In Invite your colleagues, begin typing a colleague’s name and then click on his/her name in the list to invite them to the room. You may invite multiple members of your organization to a room.
  8. Click Next in the lower right corner to invite colleagues and open the room.

BloomBoard sends invitations to the colleagues you selected.


Program Admins can convert closed rooms to open and open rooms to closed.

Members of a room may participate in the room.

Room Admins can manage a room's membership and settings.

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