Submit a micro-credential recommendation

After completing and uploading the micro-credential assessor form, the assessor uses the recommendation field to mark a recommendation and then passes/submits it to the grantor who makes the final grant or deny decision.

  1. Under What is your recommendation? click Grant or Deny.
  2. In the Private Comment field, enter any thoughts or comments about the application that you wish to communicate to the grantor. 
    Only grantors and other assessors can see comments made here.
  3. Click Pass Submission.
  4. Select the grantor from the dialog box and click Save.
    (The menu displays only grantors in your organization)

Double check to make sure you have uploaded the assessor form before you click Save. 

The application is passed to the grantor immediately.

After the recommendation is passed to the grantor:

  • The grantor is notified by email when the assessment is passed to him or her.
  • The application become read-only for the assessor.
  • If an assessor wishes to modify an assessment or recommendation after submitting, the grantor needs to assign the application back to the assessor.
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