Assess a micro-credential application

To review a micro-credential submission:

Open the assigned micro-credential

Review submitted evidence

Download and complete assessor feedback form

Upload the assessor feedback form 

Return to the application queue


Find an assigned micro-credential

Micro-credentials that have been assigned to you appear first in the queue. You may use any of the filter, search or sort options to find a micro-credential.

Assessors who review licensed or private micro-credentials as part of a Premium organization's offerings can see the applicant's name in the queue. All other assessors see an anonymized view, where the applicant's name is hidden. To view the Submission ID, hover on a micro-credential title.


Open an assigned micro-credential

  1. Find the assigned micro-credential (your icon or picture displays in the Assigned to column).
  2. Click Review to open the micro‑credential application.


The micro-credential initially opens to the Assessment tab, where you can make a recommendation; leave private comments; upload your scoring rubric; and pass your submission to the Grantor. Click on the Criteria and Files tabs to access the submission requirements and uploaded evidence.



Review the micro‑credential requirements 

  1. Click the Criteria tab.
  2. Click See all  information on this micro‑credential to open the live micro‑credential in a new browser tab.
  3. Click Submission requirements for this micro-credential to download a PDF version of the micro‑credential that includes the scoring guide. 


Review submitted evidence

Any assessor, including an unassigned assessor, can view an applicant’s submitted evidence.

  1. Click the Files tab.
  2. Click each piece of evidence to open them separately. 
  3. If you see a dialog box asking whether you want to open or save a piece of evidence, select your preference. If you choose to save, the file is saved in the location where your computer stores downloads.


Download and complete the assessor form

  1. Click the Assessment tab.
  2. Click the feedback form link in the first direction to download the assessor form.
  3. Save the form to your computer.
  4. In each evidence assessment section, fill in the appropriate red brackets with an X to mark your score.
  5. Provide feedback to the applicant in the evidence's Comments field, so applicants have guidance on their submission's strengths and opportunities.

As you complete the form, remember to periodically save your work as you go.


Upload the assessor form

  1. Click the Assessment tab.
  2. Click Upload File.
  3. In the upload window, drag your assessment to the pane or click Choose File to select and attach your assessment form.

An Upload Complete message displays when your file is successfully uploaded.

  1. To submit your recommendation to the Grantor, follow the steps in this article.

Note: If you wish to remove or replace your assessment form, click the Remove link next to the form. 


Return to the application queue


When you're ready to return to the application queue, click the Back to Queue link under Submitted Applications.

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