Micro-credential review process

When you submit an application for a micro-credential, your submission is reviewed by an assessor and grantor who work with the issuer, the organization who authored and designed the micro-credential.

The grantor oversees the review process, determines whether the submission meets the evaluation criteria, and ultimately awards the micro-credential to the applicant.

After you apply for a micro-credential, your submission is reviewed by an assessor. The assessor is the individual selected by the issuer to evaluate the micro-credential submission against the scoring guide.


Review Timeline

After you submit your evidence for a micro-credential, you receive an email confirming the receipt of your application. Your submission is reviewed by the assessor using the evaluation criteria found in the PDF in the Requirements section of the micro-credential detail page.  

Once the assessment is complete, you receive an email notification letting you know whether you have earned the micro-credential.

It typically takes 2-3 weeks to review and assess micro-credential submissions, and each submission includes a response and feedback from the grantor. 

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