Access the application queue

All submitted micro-credential applications are accessed in the application queue. 

  1. After you sign in to BloomBoard, click your profile icon in the top right and then click Review Micro-credentials. Alternatively, you may sign in directly at
  2. Under Credential Management, click Submitted Applications to open the application queue.

The application queue is organized by application assigned status. Applications display in the following order for assessors:

  • Your assignments
  • Unassigned
  • Assigned to other assessors

Completed applications are hidden. Click Show All Completed to see Granted and Denied applications. 

Note: Assessors can click the Review button of any micro-credential to open and view any application, regardless of its stage of completion or who it is assigned to. 


Ready to assess a micro-credential? See Assess a micro-credential application to learn how.

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