Video: Joining a BloomBoard program

This short video provides a quick look at joining a program, from receiving an invitation and creating a new account to overviewing a program's navigation.

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Welcome to the BloomBoard video: Joining a BloomBoard Program.

In this video we look at the process of joining a program, from the initial email invitation to taking a quick look at the program’s overview.

To join a program on BloomBoard, you need an invitation.

00:23 There are two ways to accept an invitation.

You can accept the invitation from your BloomBoard Profile or you can use the email invitation.

Accepting the invitation from your BloomBoard profile is more efficient.

We’ll look at that process first.

*Already have an account? You can use it to join a program if it uses the same email address that was used to send the invitation.*

00:55 If you are new to BloomBoard, you can create an account by clicking Create an Account.

When you click Create an Account, you are taken to the new account set up flow.

  1. Enter your name, email and password.

Again, REMEMBER to use the email address that was used to send the invitation.

  1. Add your school (if you don’t see your school on the list, you can add it.)
  2. Select topics of interest, grade level you work with and subjects you teach.


01:28 Once you’ve signed in with your account, click Program & Rooms on the navigation bar.

And then click the Join Program button.

You’ve joined the program!

01:44 You can also accept an invitation by email.

Click Accept Invitation.

And you are taken to BloomBoard to continue the process.

At the prompt, click Sign Up to create a new account or Sign in for an existing account and follow the steps.

Creating a new account proceeds identically to the process shown earlier.

Again, please remember to use the same email address that is on the invitation so you can join your organization’s program.

One small difference when you use the email invitation to join a program is that you are taken directly to the program right after signing in or signing up.

02:28 Let’s take a quick look at a BloomBoard program.

When you sign in to your BloomBoard account, you can find the program by clicking Program & Rooms on the navigation bar.

And then click the program.

Programs offer different options to their members, so your program may have access to some or all of the features we show here.

Once you’re in the program, you have access to program-aligned content, such as micro-credentials and collections from the Overview tab.

02:57 In the Discussion tab, you can participate in discussions, ask questions and seek guidance from your colleagues and program facilitators.

You can participate in breakout conversations in Rooms and even create your own room for discussions.

If your organization activates the Members tab, you can use it to see which of your colleagues are onboard.

This concludes our walk through joining a program in BloomBoard. Please visit all of our support articles at to learn more about using BloomBoard to advance your professional development.

If you ever have any questions, you can click the Chat or Help button at the bottom of any BloomBoard Screen.



If you already have an account that uses a different email from the email on the invitation, there are two more troubleshooting options you can try:

  1. Ask the program or organization admin who sent the invitation to cancel the current invitation and re-send the invitation to your current account email (if organization policy allows).


  1. Sign in to your current account and change the email address to match the address on the program invitation. This will change your user name to the new email address. go to this article to learn how to access and change account settings.

Click here to view an additional support article about joining a program.

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