Learn About Open Badges

What are open badges?

Open badges allow educators to display their skills and achievements by providing visual symbols (badges) that are supported with verifiable evidence and data and can be shared across the web. Each micro-credential you earn on BloomBoard is represented and can be shared as an open badge.

Thousands of organizations across the world issue open badges, including BloomBoard in partnership with Digital Promise. Open badges, such as the micro-credentials you earn on BloomBoard, empower individuals to take their learning with them wherever they go and build a rich picture of their lifelong learning that can be shared on professional platforms like LinkedIn.

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How and where can I share an open badge?

Once you have earned a micro-credential on BloomBoard, you can download its associated open badge from the confirmation page.




Each micro-credential is “baked” with certain verifiable metadata and is unique to you, and the competency you demonstrated. This means that when you upload and share your micro-credential, you may also share the evidence you submitted to earn it. Essentially, each micro-credential can serve as a digital validation of the skills you have learned and demonstrated throughout your career.




You may also upload any micro-credential to your Mozilla backpack if would like to collect, organize or create a digital portfolio of your achievements. Simply create an account on using the email address you used to create an account on BloomBoard (or link it to an existing account). Once uploaded to your Mozilla backpack, you can add the badge (and others you may have earned) to a collection that represents your achievements and share it to other social and professional platforms.


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