File upload tips

You can upload many types of files to use as evidence in a micro-credential or to share in a discussion. 

BloomBoard accepts most file types (up to 1GB each), but if you're having trouble uploading a specific file type, please reach out to support at or click the Chat or Help button at the bottom right of the screen.

Here are some video and general tips for facilitating your file uploads.


Video Tips



What can I do to minimize my video file size?
  • Record in Standard Definition (SD) rather than High Definition (HD). Many video cameras have the option to switch between HD and SD. If you are using an iPhone, use the camera on the screen side to record in SD.
  • If your video is larger than 1GB, we recommend you compress the video file before uploading. You can find paid or free compression programs online.
I have performed the steps above and my file is still really big. What can I do?
  • Consider splitting the video into two parts. Remember to name the parts to indicate their relationship and order.
  • You could upload the video to Youtube or other hosting service you have access to and then upload a document with the video URL and a brief explanation.
  • Similar to above, if you have access to Dropbox or Google Drive, you can save and share the file from there by uploading a document with the sharing URL and a brief explanation.
In all cases, remember to take measures to protect student identities and data. 



General Tips



Google Drive items

It looks like I can upload Google Drive items from both My Computer and Google Drive. Which should I use?

For Google Drive items, use Google Drive directly.

The Google Drive in My Computer is a synced drive that shares a copy of the file on your computer so you can access and work with it offline. The synced version of the file lives on your computer and cannot be accessed by others, so use the Google Drive upload option.

File folder

I keep all of my evidence in a file folder. I prefer to not upload each file individually. Can I just upload the folder? 

Folders cannot be uploaded, but you can navigate to the folder and select multiple (all) files at once to upload.


Zip file

Can I compress all of my evidence files into one file for upload? I prefer to not upload each file individually.


Zip files cannot be opened by assessors, but like the above answer, you can store all of your evidence in one folder and then  select multiple (all) files at once to upload.


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